Cron Castle
Cron Castle
Node type Dangerous
Node manager Cron Castle Altar
Region Balenos
Required contribution points 2
Location on world map:
Balenos Cron Castle
Ruined castle in the northeastern part of Balenos.

According to The Legend of Cron Castle the Immortal Alchemist once visited the king of Cron Castle, Agris III, to request support for his Alchemy research. In return, he would give the king the ultimate power of Hadum, the God of Darkness. The night of the summoning an unforeseen explosion killed the king and the alchemist banished with all the treasures from the castle[1]. It's thought this incident happened 150 years ago.[2][3]

A few years ago a force of rebels decided to make the castle ruins their home, but after the captain died the force seemed to have disbanded.[4] Nowadays the exiles of Mediah reside here.[5]

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