Cron's Current Condition
Cron Castle Site icon
Group Story of Cron Castle
Type Town
Level 48
Region Eastern Balenos
Next quest in the chain (Co-op) Story of Cron Castle
Start NPC Alustin
End NPC Alustin
Requirements 51 Amity with Alustin


Alustin is interested in the Cron Castle Site. The alchemist requests that you investigate the presence of alchemic traces in the ruins.[1]

Quest text


Have you been to Cron Castle? If you go to the Eastern Ehwaz Plains, you’ll see a large abandoned castle. People can't go there easily because of the rebels and Goblins occupying that area. I guess the traces of alchemy may still be there... Can you check the site for me, please?

You will find the castle if you go straight east. Wild Goblins and Stragglers are nearby, so be careful.


Get knowledge:



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