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Tantinis is the name given to a people’s committee made to raise awareness about the life of the lower class in Calpheon City. It represents diverse voices from the lower class and their rights to be protected regardless of social status.[1]

It was formed in the aftermath of the Shaia Incident in which a young girl from the Slums called Shaia was found dead after going to work as a maid for a noble household. The girl had been beaten to death for breaking an antique vase while cleaning.

Shaia's death was one of the catalysts for the protests in the Slums against the Kalis.[2]

The Comitia of Tantinis, while supporting the lower class in their struggle, approaches the situation seeking peaceful dialogue, not as a resistance against the state.

Basquean Ljurik, the president of the Bank of Hope, and Giovan Grolin, the representative of the citizens in the Kalis Parliament, are central figures.


Comitia of Tantinis is an item in Black Desert Online.


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