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Clorince's Bag (8 Slots) is an item in Black Desert Online.


A bag used for organizing items that are useful for travel. Made by Clorince, the eldest daughter of Alustin the Great Alchemist.

- Inventory: +8 Slots
- {TextBind:USE_CLICK_RMB}.
- It can carry items that can be stored in a regular inventory.
- Items stored in the bag cannot be rearranged or used directly.
- Items that expire cannot be stored.
- Trade Items cannot stored.
- You cannot use it if the weight limit of the inventory exceeds 100%.

* Clorince's Bag CANNOT be stored or retrieved from regions you aren't currently in via the Magnus' abyssal connections if any of the following items are inside:
<List of Items>
Rich Merchant's Ring
Lafi Bedmountain's Upgraded Compass
Archaeologist's Map
Ebenruth's Nol
Ornette's Spirit Essence
Odore's Spirit Essence
Blessed Spirit Essence
Greater Blessed Spirit Essence


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