An interesting feature that has been set out for players interested in a small social group with out the additional work load placed upon bigger groups, comes in the form of "Clans". Essentially it's a very small guild of a maximum of 15 players with no real additional benefits provided to actual "Guilds", but also none of the additional stress brought on by guild wars or sieges.

This also provides a great foundation for people who may not have the raw numbers to form a guild larger than 15 players right away, and yet still recruit people into their group and stay in communication and party with.

Clan Creation

The act of creating a Clan is fairly simple, and costs nothing of players but a little time speaking to one of the Guild NPC's located in any major city. After which they may invite a maximum of 15 total players into the Clan simply by being near them and interacting with the "R" menu when close to a player.

They are also equally easy to dissolve in the event that you wish to quit or re-form as something else. Simply open the Clan menu (Default "G") and click Disband.

Promotion to Guild

In the event that you either have enough players to fulfill the requirements for a guild, or you simply wish to take your Clan to the next evolution and form a guild. The process is actually very simple and involves speaking to the Guild NPC's located in major cities.

There is also one extra requirement:

  • Must have 100,000 Silver on hand

After which you will then promote your Clan into a full blown Guild, and retain your name and ranks.

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