Charnel House of Velia
Ossuary of Velia
Region Balenos
Location on world map:

The Charnel House of Velia, or Ossuary of Velia,[1] is according to rumors the reason Velia was founded by the first king of Balenos[2]. The ossurary was established by the ancestors of the Bartali family which always provide the chief of Velia.

The earthly remains of the Bartali family are burried in it but according to the current chief, Igor Bartali, nothing else. Nevertheless rumors of treasures have caused grave robbers to damage the site and proven a significant nuisance.


  1. Ingame the area is called ossuary. The knowledge section calls it charnel house.
  2. Considering the town is already mentioned by the time of the fall of Cron Castle (the people living there fled to Velia and other territories), either it was rapidly constructed after its fall or it already existed
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