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Naturalized Catfishman.

Catfishmen, also called Fishmen, are a race of catfish-like humanoids that live chiefly around Lake Kaia, to the southwest of Calpheon City.[1]


Based around Catfishman Camp, the catfishmen have recently become violent and started expanding all across Lake Kaia.[2] The Republic of Calpheon has started an effort to naturalize them because their innate combat ability is superior to that of Rhutums or Red Orcs, at least according to the Kalis Parliament. Some Catfishmen were naturalized and are learning about human culture in Calpheon while also trying to convince the rest of the species to join them.[3]


As an amphibious race[4], their natural habitat is primarily on the west side of Lake Kaia. They're also encountered on human lands, specially in Calpheon City and patrolling as part of Calpheon's armed forces around their lake.

Tribes & Groups[]

Lake Kaia's tribe[]

Structures and items


  • They love to drink Leight Ale.[5]
  • Some of them wear armor and know how to use magic.[6]
  • Fat catfishmen are considered stronger among their kind.[7]