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Catfishman (Mob)
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Race Catfishman
Region Calpheon
Location on map:
Level 49
Health 2,515
Defense (DP) 459
Damage reduction 10
Evasion 449
Rewards when killed
XP 479,360
Skill XP 110,427
Karma 80
Knowledge unlock chance 2.50%

This page is for the Mob. See Catfishman (Knowledge) for the knowledge and Catfishman (Race) for the race.

An amphibian that walks on two legs. It hunts and fights using a harpoon on its back.[1]



Item Drop chance
Ancient Relic Crystal Shard icon
Ancient Relic Crystal Shard 0.225%
Catfishman Scale icon
1 ~ 2x Catfishman Scale 3%
Polished Opal icon
Polished Opal 1.5%
Spell Powder icon
1 ~ 2x Spell Powder 80%
Witch's Magic Pouch icon
Suspicious Pouch 8%
Treant Spirit Whisper Earring icon
Treant Spirit's Whisper Earring 5%
Black Stone (Armor) icon
Black Stone (Armor) 0.13%


Icon Quest Level Area Rewards
Catfishman quest icon
(Defeat the Catfishmen I) The Great Catfishman Any Southwest Calpheon
Catfishman quest icon 2
Show Your Abilities 50 Southwest Calpheon
Catfishman quest icon
They're Too Much, Even with Cannons 47 Southwest Calpheon