Cartian, also known as the Great Sorceress, was a famous sorceress that lived roughly 300 years ago.

While a lot of her story is shrouded in mystery, it's known she single-handedly banished all the Cyclopes with her scythe when these were close to win a territorial war against mankind.

After the war the sorcerers split into several groups and went their way. Cartian and her followers settled in the land of Mediah where they founded the town of Tarif, a haven for sorcerers.[1]

The Book of Cartian, considered the textbook for sorcerers, was a magic tome written by Cartian. Considered too dangerous, it was sealed by her under the sacred tree called Scuffling Letusa.[2][3]

Shortly before disappearing she sealed the entirety of her destructive power in her scythe. Since nobody could deal with the power of the scythe, Allan Serbin, Cartian's good friend and the chief of Tarif, sealed the scythe again under the Scuffling Letusa.[4]


  • It is said that she had lived very long, considerably more so than an average human being. She was called immortal and near-immortal.
  • It's said "The one who holds the Cartian's Scythe will gain immortality".
  • Whoever tries to channel the power of the forbidden Book of Cartian in this era will utterly destroy both their mind and body.
  • The Book of Cartian that people read and study in Tarif are actually copies with the dangerous sections omitted.[5]
  • She was called young and beautiful by Allan Serbin.[6]
  • Cartian engraved her seal upon a statue in the Wizard's Altar.[7]


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