Calpheon Shadow Guard
Calpheon Shadow Guard icon
Disposition Sturdy
Region Calpheon
Location on map:
Level 50
Health 100,295
Defense (DP) 484
Damage reduction 35
Evasion 449
Rewards when killed
XP 2,863,714
Skill XP 808,445
Karma 80
Knowledge unlock chance 2.50%

This page is for the Mob. See Shadow Knight (Knowledge) for the knowledge.

Calpheon Shadow Guards are equipped with heavy armor, shields and a brilliantly decorated flail. Although their attack range is quite short, the massive power in each of their attacks is obvious on sight.[1]



Item Drop chance
Silver coins icon
7,398~14,675x Silver Coins 90%
Mark of Shadow icon
Mark of Shadow 2%
Corrupt Crystal icon
2~3x Corrupt Crystal 80%
Shadow Knight Badge icon
Shadow Knight Badge 90%
Rough Green Crystal icon
2~3x Rough Green Crystal 90%
Monastery Boss Summon Scroll icon
Monastery Boss Summon Scroll 3%
Skill exp icon
Combat EXP/Skill EXP Gain +3% 33%
Skill exp icon
Damage from Monsters -8% 41%
Black Stone (Armor) icon
Black Stone (Armor) 26%
Magic Crystal - Crimson Flame icon
Magic Crystal - Enchantment 15%
Magic Crystal - Crimson Flame icon
Magic Crystal - Meditation 7%
Magic Crystal - Crimson Flame icon
Magic Crystal - Temptation 7%


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