Calpheon City
Calpheon city
Type Capital
Region Calpheon
Government Oligarchy
Rulers Kalis
Faiths Elionism
Affiliation Republic of Calpheon
Location on world map:
Calpheon City on map

This page is for the city. Calpheon is also used as the name for a faction and a territory/region.

Calpheon is the capital city of the Republic of Calpheon, located at the center of the eponymous region.

The overwhelming magnitude of the great city almost seems designed as a boast to national greatness, and has led many the first time visitor to lose their way.

The city is divided into four major districts. Packed within are the markets, the parliament, the Central Church of Elionism, the Holy College, the Workshops, and more; all with their own specialized purposes.[1]


Year 281

Guy Seric, king of Calpheon, is assassinated with poison, though officially the cause of death is proclaimed to be the result of an unknown disease. With no heirs or family to ascend to the throne this marks the end of the monarchy.

In its place seven representatives from each class were elected to form Kalis, the first parliament of the new republic that acts as its legislator and ruler.[2][3]


Calpheon City Districts

District layout

The city of Calpheon contains various named districts, streets and more.

Connecting Nodes

Notable NPC's

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Trade & Imperial

Storage Keeper

Stable Keepers

  • Gabril <Stable Keeper> (Northeast gate)
  • Breesman <Stable Keeper> (North gate)
  • Dimanthor <Stable Keeper> (Northwest gate)
  • Romary <Stable Keeper> (Southeast gate)
  • Ashrogue <Stable Keeper> (South gate)
  • Scarlet <Guild Stable Keeper> (North gate)

Skill Instructor

  • Renaldus <Skill Instructor> (Northeast gate)
  • Von Maren <Skill Instructor> (Northwest gate)
  • Psebor <Skill Instructor> (Southeast gate)
  • Valks <Trina Knights Master> (Kalis Parliament)



Herba Tavern


Repair service

  • Grandus <Armor Vendor> (Market Street)
  • Ronatz <Arms Dealer> (Market Street)
  • Dobart <Workshop - Armor Master> (Workshop)
  • Kanobas <Workshop - Weapon Master> (Workshop)

Work Supervisor

Wharf Manager

Downgrade equipment

Night Vendor & Related


Quest-only NPC

Notes & Trivia

  • The city is inspired by the real life cities of Assisi and Florence in Italy.
  • The house system divides the city into the following sections: Market Street, Slums, Workshop District, Merchant Lane, Chapel, Noble Quarter and the various gates where there are houses to buy (north, east and south).


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