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This page is for the territory. Calpheon is also used as the name for a faction and a city.

Calpheon is a large territory situated on the western side of the continent. It's bordered by sea in the northwest, the Balenos territory in the north and northeast, Serendia in the east, Drieghan in the southeast and Kamasylvia in the south and west.

Home to the Republic of Calpheon and its capital, Calpheon City, the territory is a large trading hub composed of big farmland around the capital city, a remarkable mining region in the southeast and vast forests all around. People living in this region are the most passionate followers of Elionism.


Before the Black Death

Not much is known about the history of the territory of Calpheon before the events that happened in the last 50 years.

It is known the civilization of the Ancients inhabited the northern half of the territory. Nowadays, ruins can be found in the Bree Tree Forest and in some of the farms of the Northern Wheat Plantation, like Bernianto Farm.

At some point in the past the majority of Trolls inhabiting the northern plains were petrified and sealed by the Ancient Light that protected humankind. The ones that weren't sealed were integrated into Human society.[1]

Humanity thrived and developed cities and states. The most important of those were the Kingdom of Calpheon based on Calpheon City and the Kingdom of Keplan. Others included the lands of Larcsy, an ally of Calpheon, and Dandelion.[2]

The Black Death and the Calpheon-Valencia War

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Nodes and other areas
Capital Calpheon City
Town Port Epheria · Florin · Northern Wheat Plantation · Keplan (Keplan Extraction Mill) · Behr · Trent
Gateway Epheria Sentry Post · Elder's Bridge Post · Anti-Troll Fortification · Isolated Sentry Post · Calpheon Castle · North Kaia Pier · South Kaia Pier · Abandoned Monastery · Trina Fort · Trina Beacon Towers · Marni Cave Path · Serendia Western Gateway · Delphe Knights Castle · Delphe Outpost
Connection Abandoned Land (Refugee Camp) · Quint Hill · Epheria Valley · Calpheon Castle Site · Lumberjack's Rest Area · Behr Downstream · Behr Riverhead · Phoniel's Cabin Entrance · Rhua Tree Stub · Marie Cave · Hexe Stone Wall · Gehaku Plain · Keplan Hill · Tarte Rock Fork · Keplan Quarry · Keplan Vicinity · Marni Farm Ruins

Serca Island · Baeza Island · Modric Island · Teyamal Island · Rameda Island · Ginburrey Island · Barater Island · Eberdeen Island · Dunde Island · Oben Island · Netnume Island · Teste Island · Padix Island · Arita Island · Almai Island · Kuit Islands ·

Trading Post Contaminated Farm · Dias Farm · Bernianto Farm · Falres Dirt Farm · Gabino Farm · Cohen Farm · Rhutum Sentry Post · Mansha Forest · Tobare's Cabin · Phoniel's Cabin · Longleaf Tree Sentry Post · Crioville · Oberen Farm · Bain Farmland · Beacon Entrance Post · Dane Canyon · Abandoned Quarry · Gianin Farm · Quarry Byway

Randis Island · Theonil Island · Albresser Island · Daton Island

Dangerous Old Dandelion · Khuruto Cave · Karanda Ridge · Bree Tree Ruins · Caphras Cave · Calpheon Castle Western Forest · Catfishman Camp · Lake Kaia (Northern Lake Kaia · Southern Lake Kaia) · North Kaia Mountaintop · Rhutum Outstation · Treant Forest · Longleaf Tree Forest · Hexe Sanctuary · Witch's Chapel · Saunil Battlefield · Saunil Camp · Primal Giant Post · Glutoni Cave · Marni's Lab · North Abandoned Quarry · Oze's House · Oze Pass
Non-node Calpheon Plain · Waragon Cave · Waragon-Infested Area · Riverside Farm · Northern Quarry · Southern Wheat Farm · Quint Plain · Faust Forest · Hill Path · Cyclops Land · South Kaia Mountain · Kaia River · Kzarka Shrine · Work in progress

Epheria Sea · Peyon Sea · Ahrmo Sea · Banto Sea · Zenato Sea


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