A boss is a monster with an overall higher level than the one needed for the area where it's situated. Bosses in Black Desert are easily identifiable by their bigger than usual size and red glowing eyes.[1]

There are various types of bosses in the world of Black Desert Online:

  • World Bosses, drop yellow grade weapons (primary, secondary and awakening).
    • Includes the bosses that used to be called Raid Bosses and Event Bosses: Quint, Muraka and Vell.
  • Field Bosses, drop yellow grade armor equipment.
  • Summon Scrolls: Daily, Weekly, Guild, Quest and Relic Scrolls.
  • Rare monsters have the <Violent> tag (and others) that identifies them as tougher (more HP and AP) than their brethen and appear as a star/asterisk in the mini-map. They attack player characters on sight regardless of their level and drop better loot. They appear in two ways: the Altar Imp Fighters have normal and <Violent> versions, while the Strong Altar Imp Trainer is always <Violent> and is the stronger version of the Altar Imp Trainer.[2]


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