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The Black Desert, officially known as the Great Valencian Desert, is a giant desert that lies in and takes up the majority of the Valencia region. It features scorching days and freezing nights. There are occasional sandstorms and it's said to be extremely difficult to cross. It's where the magical Black Stones are found.[1][2]

It's the main area where Calpheon and its allies and Valencia warred in their thirty-year war. In recent times, while the Calpheon Republic has attempted to profit from the stones, the Kingdom of Valencia has sought to stop such practices. The conflict can be seen in the game as a PVP event between the armies of both factions.


While the official name for the area is the Great Valencian Desert, recent historical events and customs have made other names widely used in its place.

  • Black Desert: Name used by Calpheon and other factions in the western part of the continent for being the major location to obtain Black Stones.
  • Red Desert: Called like this by Valencians for the huge amount of blood that was shed during the war and to commemorate the victory and remember the fallen soldiers. Specifically used for the westernmost part of the desert.[3]
  • Golden Desert: According to one popular Mediahn saying because the people of Mediah see Valencia as the land of gold and a rich state.[4]
  • Aal's Arms: Called this by the followers of Aalism.


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