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This page is for the NPC. See Artemio Fiazza (Knowledge) for the knowledge.

Believe it or not, Artemio was once considered among the greats of literary and philosophical genius.

After his house was burnt down, he leaned on the bottle and nothing else. Eileen is the only one who worries about him, but Artemio angrily brushes off such care and demands more to drink.[1][2]

Quests given[]

Name Conditions
(Event) In Search of the Perfect Beer Level 30.[3]
(Event) Dark Beer Is Just Fine, Too Completed (Event) In Search of the Perfect Beer.[4]
An Inn in Velia 11 Amity with Artemio Fiazza, completed Complaint Registered and Gateway to Heidel.
Or: Level 27 and 11 Amity with Artemio Fiazza.
Or: Level 31.[5]
Artemio, Incarnation of Revenge Level 15 and 151 Amity with Artemio Fiazza.[6]
Essence of Liquor Completed Get Ingredients from Artemio.[7]
Making Exotic Herbal Wine Completed Essence of Liquor.[8]

Items exchanged[]

Name Price Conditions
EXP Increase icon
EXP Increase Rum icon Rum Exchangeable during In Search of the Perfect Beer.[9]

Knowledge given[]

Name Knowledge category How to obtain
Artemio Fiazza icon
Artemio Fiazza Residents of Velia Talk to Artemio Fiazza for the first time.[10]
Piazza Farm Ruins icon
Piazza Farm Ruins Eastern Balenos 501 Amity with Artemio Fiazza.[11]


Artemio Fiazza is an item in Black Desert Online.


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