Anglers have huge mouths and are about as ugly as they come. They have the ability to swallow big fish whole with their massive mouths. Though not popular for their looks, people tend to change their mind after tasting them.

Additionally, Fishers of Iliya Island think it's a lucky omen to find another fish in the stomach of an Angler after it is cut open.


Angler Fish can be caught from various fishing locations throughout the game.

  • Olvia Coast: Anglers can be caught on the coast of Olvia, just East from the Olvia Coast Node.
  • Iliya Island: Anglers can also be found in the waters surrounding Iliya Island. To get to the island just board the Ferry that docks at Velia every ten minutes or so.
  • Coastal Cliff: Anglers can be caught on the coast line. Coast Cliff is North West of Velia.
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