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The Ancients are a mythical people that lived a long time ago. Little is known about how they lived or even their appearance. They developed very advanced technology and had a profound knowledge of the world.

At some point their society collapsed; only ruins and temples with sealed Black Spirits and functioning constructs remain.

Their artifacts and contraptions can still be found in some places like the Ancient Stone Chamber in Balenos, the Cokro Chamber in Valencia, the Bree Tree Ruins in Calpheon and others scattered all around the world.


Nothing is known about the Ancients before Edana appeared. At some point in time a meteor struck the land later known as Valencia. The fragments of the meteor, Black Stones, contained strange power. The Black Spirits, entities that sought the main core of the meteor, infected the flora and fauna of the world and drove them to madness. An Ancient called Edana was the first one to be able to control its power.

Murals in the inner chamber of the Ancient Stone Chamber depict what is believed to be The Legend of Edana.[1]

Edana, the first Awakened[]

In the old times there were several tribes, among them the Kabuas. One of the Kabua, called Edana, was the first to overcome his ego (shown fighting himself in the murals) and became their unmatched leader. Edana was worshiped and is shown that his tribe gave the Black Stones to others, which proved a source of both bliss and disaster for everyone. What race Edana belonged to is not clear but he interacted with both Humans and Barbarians and was the guardian of the Black Stones and their use.

Edana, also known as the Great One,[2] did not age ("the eternally young") but he died one day. The saints of the Kabua mourned him passionately and buried him under Black Stones. Much to their surprise, a while later Edana awoke again to live an "Awakened Life". But he was not immortal and when he died again it was permanent.[3][4][5][6][7]

When Edana died, his spear Kibelius was stored in a shrine currently known as the Crescent Shrine.[8] The spear gives access to the Cokro Stone Chamber under Valencia Castle.

The Fall of Cron Castle[]

In the Ancient Stone Chamber of Balenos the Ancients also foretold the tragedy of Cron Castle and an unknown incident that will happen in the future.


It is known the Ancients weren't Human, as an Ancient altar in Valencia mentions that they saw the rise of Humans and other races while explaining the origin of the Ancients' Memories.

Said altar describes some of the abilities of the Ancients. They were able to store their memories and everything they saw in their eternal consciousness. When the time came for them to disappear, they extracted their memories and released them, spreading them all over the world.

These memory fragments are the Ancients' consciousness in physical form, and they have the power to return an item to the state the Ancients remembered it as.[9]


The Ancients seemingly made their buildings and constructs out of stone. Somehow they were able to imbue both with the power of the Lightstones and the Black Energy.

The Ancient Defense Weapons, the Guardian of Edana and other constructs are stone automatons that have a core, a Lightstone, that gives them life. In some cases (The Guardian of Edana and the friendly Laytenn found in the desert) these constructs have demonstrated sentience.

Nowadays some scholars are starting to believe that the Lightstones and the Black Energy have some connection.[10]


The Ancients, thanks to Edana, learned to use the Black Stones and the Black Energy to their advantage. A grand empire, also known as the Ancient Kingdom[11] or the Ancient Civilization, emerged. The ruins found in current times show remains of it located on almost all territories. From the lands of Calpheon, Valencia and Kamasylvia to the coasts of faraway Haso.

Important sites include: Ancient Stone Chamber, Sycraia Abyssal Ruins, and Sycraia Underwater Ruins (Balenos), Bree Tree Ruins and Star's End (Calpheon), Oquilla's Eye (Margoria), Ancient Ruins Excavation Site, The Mausoleum, Helms Post, Hasrah Ancient Ruins, Kratuga Ancient Ruins, and Ancient Fissure (Mediah), Aakman Temple, Hystria Ruins, Cokro Chamber, Scarlet Sand Chamber, Crescent Shrine (Valencia) and Mirumok Ruins (Kamasylvia). Possibly also Mount Kabua.