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Concealed by hordes of tree spirits, these ruins are hard to see from outside. Upon entering, you’ll observe that the architectural methods used to construct these ruins are far different from the buildings of the contemporary era.

Many archaeologists vainly tried to discover something of value in this place. However, a recent rumor suggests that Edan, the famous adventurer and archaeological expert, and his party were able to successfully translate the hieroglyphs of these ruins. He was accompanied by an elf named Orwen and Lafi Bedmountain, an expert in interpreting the Ancient Language.[1]

Node production[]

Mine - 1 CP

Connecting Nodes[]

Murals of the Ancients[]

Ten pieces of a mural filled with ancient script found in the Ancient Stone Chamber in Balenos. Five of these mural pieces feature images depicting an ancient prophecy that accurately foretold the fall of Cron Castle.

The other five found in the deepest part of the chamber depict what is thought to be a legend of the Ancients. These murals from the deepest part of the chamber are filled with detailed script and are difficult to decrypt. The other five are much more simple and were easily discerned.[2]

Murals of experience[]

  • In this mural, two versions of the same person named Edana look at one another with swords brandished. An interpretation of this is that Edana was the first of the Ancients to overcome his ego and it was thenceforth that he became the leader of the Kabua.[3]
  • Edana is holding his sword high and the saints of the Kabua are looking up at him exultingly. It is written that the Black Stones handed down by the Kabuas were both a source of disaster and bliss for these ancient people. Edana was the peerless leader of the Kabua, unmatched by the heads of any other tribe.[4]
  • In addition to humans, Edana also interacted harmoniously with the barbarians. It is said that he quickly became the guardian of the Black Stones and governed over their use.[5]
  • There lies Edana buried inside a tomb beneath Black Stones. When Edana the eternally young finally perished, the saints of the Kabua buried him under Black Stones and shed tears of sorrow to fill a lake.[6]
  • Edana wakes beneath the Black Stones and the awe-filled Kabua stare without words. It is said that Edana was resurrected from death to live an “Awakened Life”. However, his second death was eternal and he was never to reemerge.[7]

Murals of prophecy[]

  • Judging by the symbol of Cron Castle displayed on the mural, the man wearing the crown is presumed to be Agris III, who founded Cron Castle. His attendant vassals are pictured bowing to him on an altar.[8]
  • Hadum, the God of Darkness, is depicted in a scroll given to King Agris III of Cron Castle by the original Immortal Alchemist. According to translations of the Ancient Language written below this depiction, one who is able to summon this lord of the dark will be bestowed great power.[9]
  • A summoning stone owned exclusively by the Immortal Alchemist is placed upon the Cron Castle Altar in this mural. Similar to the second mural, this appears to be a prophecy of a ritual that will be performed to summon Hadum, the God of Darkness.[10]
  • A burning Cron Castle, vassals jumping from the walls to escape, the Immortal Alchemist fleeing, and Agris III nowhere to be found: This fourth mural seems to have been a foretelling of the fall of Cron Castle, considering Agris III perished in the explosion.[11]
  • As the only mural that depicts what comes after the Cron Castle explosion, it foretells an event that has not yet unfolded in history. It features a severely cracked Velian symbol hanging above fire. The engraved ancient script says:
"Black Castle. Let it end, in seclusion, Black Angels... Without anything in return, let us put all swords and shields to the fire, and sever the chains at last."[12]


Ancient Stone Chamber is an item in Black Desert Online.


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