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Alustin says he was studying that matter with his daughters, and he told you to ask his daughters about the progress. Meet Clorince and Eileen to ask about the research progress and pass Alustin's test.[1]

Quest text[]


Hmm, so that's what happened. Abandoned alchemy... Right. Long time ago, there was a big accident at Cron Castle. How about working with my daughter for this task instead of my helping you out? I mean, Clorince and Eileen. Their research has been pretty good these days. They are certainly improving. Let's see... I need to check on their progress first. Oh, and your progress too. No one can ever stop learning. Meet my daughers, tell them what I said, and get their answers on why the abandoned alchemy failed. Based on their answers, come up with your own answer to the question. You need to study the problem before solving it. Hahaha.

My daughters are following my footsteps as an alchemist. They're still young, but their academic excellence astonishes me.


Get knowledge:

  • Collected Knowledge icon Clorince's Answer
  • Collected Knowledge icon Eileen's Answer
  • Collected Knowledge icon Daughters of a Great Alchemist