Type Capital
Region Mediah
Government Plutocracy
Rulers Neruda Shen
Faiths Aalism
Affiliation Republic of Mediah
Location on world map:
Mediah Altinova

Altinova is a big city built on an alluvial island that used to be the capital of Mediah.[1][2] It's the only land bridge to the Valencia region.


Year 271

The city was built by the Mediah Merchants Union headed by Neruda Shen thanks to the tremendous amount of wealth acquired from trade between Calpheon and Valencia. With the construction of the fortress walls around it, all kinds of residents and merchants gathered to live in the new capital city.[3]

Year 277

The events of the Three Days of Darkness happened. Illezra commanded wicked priests to engulf the entire Mediah region in complete darkness for three days. With neither sun or moon offering light, the people of Mediah had to rely on torches to ward off the darkness.[4][5]

During that event Barbarians from all around Mediah invaded the city and the royal family of Mediah was wiped out in the process.[6]

Nowadays the Barbarians occupy more than half the city and it seems Neruda Shen has reached an agreement with them: he will let them live there if they serve as guards and security.[7]

Connecting Nodes

Notable NPC's



Trade & Imperial

  • Quina <Trade Manager>
  • Nyabee <Trader of Shakatu> (Trade Manager)
  • Elswin <Imperial Trade>
  • Woodrey <Imperial Delivery>
  • Liff <Imperial Crafting Delivery>
  • Den Shamyr <Imperial Auction House Manager>

Storage Keeper

  • Deve <Storage Keeper>

Stable Keepers

Skill Instructor




Repair service

Work Supervisor

  • Avet <Work Supervisor>

Wharf Manager

Downgrade equipment

Night Vendor & Related


Quest-only NPC

Additional information

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  2. It's said in dialogue and knowledge pages that Mediah does not have a capital nowadays, but in the game it functions as one. It has all the services and functions the rest of capitals have.
  7. Ingame NPC dialogue in Altinova
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