Altar Imp’s Trumpet
Altar Imp's Trumpet
Type General
Weight 0.01 Weight
Buy price 3,000 Silver
Sell price 300 Silver

A traditional alpine trumpet handcrafted from a horn dropped by Altar Imps.

How to obtain

Can be dropped by these mobs:

Mob Quantity Chance
Altar Imp 3 45%
Altar Imp Fighter 3~9 50%
Altar Imp Scout 3~6 80%
Altar Imp Trainer 3~6 50%
Altar Imp Warrior 3~6 45%
Dastard Bheg 5~10 100%
Strong Altar Imp Trainer 3~8 80%
Young Altar Imp 3 30%

Sell or exchange

Item Price NPC
Silver coins icon
30,000 Silver 50 Altar Imp Trumpets Jugruta
Skill exp icon
+5% EXP 10 Altar Imp Trumpets Jugruta


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