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Alchemist’s Reagent
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Type Production
Level 1
Region Serendia
Previous quest in the chain Crop Factory (Farming Lv. 25)
Next quest in the chain Food Delivery for the Southwest Gate (Trading Lv. 17)
Start NPC Alustin
End NPC Freharau
Requirements Level 10 and Trading Apprentice (2).


Alustin asks you to deliver the Alchemist's Blue Reagent to Glish. 1) Purchase the Alchemist's Blue Reagent from Bahar, a trading merchant in Velia. 2) Deliver the Alchemist's Blue Reagent to Glish and earn a profit of over 15,000 Silver Coins.[1]

Quest text


I heard that things are not getting any better in Glish. If that’s true, it really is depressing. Their chief is an old friend of mine. If there is anything I can do, I would happy to help out, but Freharau is not the type of person who asks others for assistance. He must be suffering all alone. Bahar must have the Alchemist's Blue Reagent I made, though... Would you deliver that to Glish? I think it might help heal their wounded hearts..

Freharau is not the type of person who asks others to help him. He’s not the friendliest, but he is a very responsible man. He must be suffering all alone...


Sell Alchemist's Blue Reagent icon Alchemist's Blue Reagent.



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