Al Rhundi Rebels

Al Rhundi's Rebels is the name given to a peasant rebel group that currently occupies the Castle Ruins in southeastern Serendia under the leadership of Al Rhundi.


During the war between Calpheon and Heidel many of the farmers and peasants around Serendia were conscripted. After the war ended in the year 278 with Calpheon victorious and Heidel subjugated many of those peasants returned to their impoverished farms.

Soon after, when life seemed to have returned to normal for many of them, the taxes were raised sharply under orders from the Lord of Heidel at the behest of the Grand Chamberlain.

In the year 283 an officer called Al Rhundi, originally from a small farm and the first adjutant from the peasant class to ever become an officer, visited the Lord and requested lower taxes for the peasants and support for agriculture separated from the military.[1][2]

It's unknown what transpired during the audience but Al Rhundi ended up being imprisoned, tortured and later abandoned in neutral territory.

After a while the populace started to spread news of this event and that Al Rhundi was gathering like-minded people in the frontiers to keep the pressure on the Lord. Some of Al Rhundi's old comrades in the army deserted and joined him. These would be the core of the future rebel force, becoming the personal guard of the Rebel Captain and training new rebels, mostly peasants, in the arts of war.[3] Heidel officially declared them a rebel group inciting a rebellion.

The newly formed rebel force dubbed the Al Rhundi's Rebels ended up shaking off several capture attempts by the army and took control of the ruins of a castle in the southeastern portion of the territory near the Grain Belt that sustained Heidel. From there they raided those farms that were loyal to the state and patrolled the roads putting blockades for trade wagons. Some of the farms started paying tribute to them when the army didn't make it in time to protect them, while others voluntarily gave them supplies to continue their struggle.[4]

Heidel repurposed the Eastern Gateway, made to keep an eye on the Fogans and protect the Grain Belt, into a punitive force against the rebel force.[5]


With peasants and farmers rallying behind Al Rhundi and joining his rebellion and the state conscripting the loyal ones to fight against the rebels and other threats, there's a serious shortage of manpower in the farmlands around Serendia. That has been one of the main reasons for the recent rise of Goblin workers all around the territory.[6]

Another consequence has been the increase in number of the orphans found mainly in Heidel's Chapel.


Structures and items


The rebel force use the Elionian cross as their symbol as seen in their armor and flags.


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