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This page is for the NPC. See Adrian Loggia (Knowledge) for the knowledge.

A kid who wants to be a famous pirate. He hates working on the farm and only dreams about becoming a pirate, despite being a son of the Loggia family renowned for owning the Loggia Farm.

He spends time playing pirates around the Velia drill ground. He sometimes screams that he saw pirates, but the villagers know that it's a lie.[1][2]

Quests given[]

Name Conditions
New Weapon Needed Farming Beginner (1)[3]
A Pirate's Favorite? None.[4]
Adrian's Secret Box Completed A Pirate's Favorite?.[5]
Pirates! 11 Amity with either Adrian Loggia or Camelia Loggia.[6]
Treasure Hunter - Getting Information Level 15 and 501 Amity with Adrian Loggia.[7]
Treasure Hunter - The Last Piece Completed Treasure Hunter - Completing the Map.[8]

Items exchanged[]

Name Price Conditions
EXP Increase icon
EXP Increase Twig icon Twig Exchangeable during New Weapon Needed.[9]

Knowledge given[]

Name Knowledge category How to obtain
Adrian Loggia icon
Adrian Loggia Velia Farm People Talk to Adrian Loggia for the first time.[10]
Wall Climbing icon
Wall Climbing Sophistication I Talk to Adrian Loggia about Wall Climbing.[11]


Adrian Loggia is an item in Black Desert Online.


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