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Acid Spider
Acid Spider icon
Race Insect > Spider
Region Serendia
Location on map:
Level 19
Health 52
Defense (DP) 52
Damage reduction 10
Evasion 42
Rewards when killed
XP 16
Skill XP 25
Karma 5
Knowledge unlock chance 5%

It may look like a strange ball, but don't touch it! The Acid Spider will explode, killing itself but also spraying a painful acidic liquid.[1]

Titles contributed to[]


Name Category Requirement
Combat title icon
Chief Spider Trainer Combat Kill 2888 of any spider

Title: Now I can raise them and collect their legs.

Combat title icon
Spider Hater Combat Kill 88 of any spider

Title: They have eight legs...? My God, what are they?!

Combat title icon
Spider Leg Collector Combat Kill 888 of any spider

Title: Spider Pack Extermination. With this many legs, they're a lot easier to get than I thought.

Icon title 0
SIncere Contributer World 16 Contribution Points

Title: The villages believe in me. I can't let them down!


Acid Spider is an item in Black Desert Online.


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