• 2016: November 16th - 9:00 UTC to November 30th - 9:00 UTC


Daily "Joy of Harvest"

You can start the quest by talking to one of the following NPCs in Balenos, Serendia, Calpheon and Mediah.

  • Emma Bartali (Bartali Farm)
  • Coco Elda (Elda Farm)
  • Villa Owner Phoniel (Phoniel’s Cabin)
  • Namoki (Bazaar Farmland)

The quest can be completed once per day and family.


Basic reward;

  • [Event] Big Black Feather x 3

Selectable reward;

  • [Event] Sour Cranberry Juice x 1
  • [Event] Hearty Grilled Turkey x 1
  • [Event] Sweet Pumpkin Pie x 1

Igor Bartali, Chief of Velia will trade 2 Big Black Feathers for a Golden Sunset Bundle.

Optainable items from [Event] Golden Sunset Bundle:

  • [Event] Sour Cranberry Juice - Effect:  HP Recovery +750, MP/WP/SP Recovery +500
  • [Event] Sweet Pumpkin Pie - Effect:  All Damage Reduction +125
  • [Event] Hearty Grilled Turkey - Effect:  Movement, Gathering, Fishing Level +5, Skill, Life, Combat EXP +10%
  • [Event] Lethal Taxidermied Turkey - Effect: Critical Hit Level +2 for 1 hour
  • [Event] Threatening Taxidermied Turkey - Effect: Attack Speed Level +2 for 1 hour
  • [Event] Cunning Taxidermied Turkey - Effect: Movement Speed Level +2 for 1 hour
  • [Event] Chillaxed Taxidermied Turkey - Effect: All Evasion +15 for 1 hour
  • [Event] Greedy Taxidermied Turkey - Effect: Gathering Speed Level +2 for 1 hour
  • [Event] Overhyped Taxidermied Turkey - Effect: MAX Stamina +200 for 2 hours

Event Mobs

The Wrath of King Targargo

Event harvest turkey

The wrath of King Targargo sweeps the land of Balenos.


  • King Targargo will spawn in Fleme Hills during the event period
  • You’ll get special items from the King Targargo

Obtainable Items

  • [Event] Taxidermied Turkey
  • Black Stone (Weapon)
  • Black Stone (Armor)
  • Hunter’s Seal
  • Silver Coins
  • [Event] Big Black Feather

More Information

  • This event is only available for characters level 30 and above.
  • The event can be completed once per day and family.
  • The event quest will reset at 0:00 UTC.
  • All event items (except ‘Taxidermied’ type) will be deleted with maintenance December 28th.
  • King Targargo will randomly appear in around 10 channels.
  • There are no penalties (EXP drop or Crystal loss) for being killed by King Targargo.
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