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This page is for the NPC. See Abelin (Knowledge) for the knowledge.

Villagers assume that a visitor to the village abandoned this child when he was a newborn. After being abandoned at the entrance of Velia, he was taken in by Chief Abelin’s family. He likes to be alone, has no friends, and enjoys fishing, mostly. Crio, the expert fisher, is the only person he admires and follows around.[1][2]

Quests given[]

Name Conditions
High-Quality Bait Farming Beginner (1).[3]
Daughters of the Great Alchemist Completed Velia Fisher's Secret.[4]
Abelin’s Secret Fishing Completed Daughters of the Great Alchemist.[5]
Basic Fishing - A Fishing Rod Level 10 or Gathering Beginner (6).[6]
Catching Seaweed Completed Intermediate Fishing - Dried Fish.[7]
Catching Mackerel Completed Catching Seaweed.[8]
Fish for Villagers Fishing Skilled (1) and have completed Catching Mackerel.[9]
Sweet Reward! Completed Fish for Villagers.[10]
Ingredients for Fried Fish Completed A New Recipe.[11]
How to Cook Fried Fish Completed Ingredients for Fried Fish.[12]
Treasure Hunter - Finding a Map#2 Completed Treasure Hunter - Finding a Map#1.[13]
Who Owns the Gloves? Have Worn Men’s Gloves.[14]

Items exchanged[]

Name Price Conditions
Magic Fluid Collector icon
Magic Fluid Collector Shiny Golden Seal - -Imperial Fishing- icon 10 Shiny Golden Seal - (Imperial Fishing) None.[15]
Ancient Slate Ornament icon
Ancient Slate Ornament Shiny Golden Seal - -Imperial Fishing- icon 200 Shiny Golden Seal - (Imperial Fishing) None.[16]
Light Leather Saddle icon
Light Leather Saddle of Storm Shiny Golden Seal - -Imperial Fishing- icon 250 Shiny Golden Seal - (Imperial Fishing) None.[17]
Black Essence, Carmae icon
Black Essence: Carmae Shiny Golden Seal - -Imperial Fishing- icon 250 Shiny Golden Seal - (Imperial Fishing) None.[18]
Black Essence, Addis icon
Black Essence: Addis Shiny Golden Seal - -Imperial Fishing- icon 250 Shiny Golden Seal - (Imperial Fishing) None.[19]
EXP Increase icon
EXP Increase Caterpillar icon Caterpillar Exchangeable during High-Quality Bait.[20]
EXP Increase icon
EXP Increase Dried Mudskipper icon Dried Mudskipper Exchangeable during You Like Mudskippers? Queek!.[21]

Knowledge given[]

Name Knowledge category How to obtain
Abelin icon
Abelin Residents of Velia Talk to Abelin for the first time.[22]
Other collected knowledge icon
Cron Castle Gold Coin Installment Tools I Completed Catching Mackerel.[23]


Abelin is an item in Black Desert Online.


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