The Aakman are a tribe of an undetermined race[1] that protects the legacy of the civilization of the Ancients. One of their leaders is Atosa.[2]

The tribe is currently divided into two factions. One that accepts the player character as the descendant of Edana and one that doesn't.[3]


Self-proclaimed as the Guardians of Ancient Civilization, the tribe had lived in the lands of Valencia for an unknown period of time.

Their knowledge of the Ancients and their creations were vast. They seemed to live wherever there were ruins of the ancient civilization or wherever the roaming creations of the Ancients, the Ancient Men, appeared.

In the year 234 the then king of the Kingdom of Valencia, Imur Nesser, tried to make the Ancient Men do his bidding in order to conquer the entire continent. The Aakman opposed such idea and constantly interrupted the king's plan. Tired of this, Imur sent all his forces against the tribe. That event is nowadays known as the Aakman Massacre.[4][5]

After the massacre the Aakman left Valencia. It wasn't until very recently and per orders of the sixth king, Sahazad Nesser, that the tribe was permitted to return to the kingdom. It was Sahazad's intention to make the tribe tell him the location of the Golden Key so he could rightfully be considered the kingdom's ruler, but the Aakman had other plans for their return.

In recent years there's been a schism inside the tribe since the return of the descendant of Edana. While Atosa and others remain true to their original purpose and their "fate" as he says, others have begun to delve into dark powers and began to awaken Ancient Weapons to take revenge against humanity, specifically the Kingdom of Valencia. This second group is the one inhabiting the Aakman Temple.


The Aakman tribe is mainly found in two locations. They inhabit the southwestern reaches of the desert all around the area known as Aakman and an ancient ruined temple currently called the Aakman Temple.


  • It is said and argued that either the whole tribe or specifically their leader, Atosa, are the ones preventing another disaster called the Black Disaster from happening.[6] The first one happened when Imur massacred them.[7]
  • The Aakman have four fingers per hand and toes per foot. Or at least, their leader does.


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