A Fish from the Great Ocean?
Alustin icon
Group Mysterious Creature
Type Story
Level 1
Region All
Previous quest in the chain Mysterious Creature
Next quest in the chain Records on Vell’s Heart
Start NPC Igor Bartali
End NPC Alustin
Requirements Completed Mysterious Creature


Chief Igor Bartali says its his first time seeing such a creature. He tells you to ask the most intelligent person in Velia, Alustin.[1]

Quest text


We must first identify this unknown creature and just looking at it won't help us. If Velia's wisest and most knowledgeable person, Alustin, was here, he would probably know something. Go and ask for Alustin's help regarding this investigation. Then let's talk about what we should do.

Go ask for Alustin's help regarding this investigation.


Meet NPC:



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