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(Scroll) Sweep Foliage in the Ruins is an item in Black Desert Online.


"Having lost their way while digging up too much Bracken, villagers would follow some distant light that would guide them astray into the Tshira Ruins, where they'd be attacked by Vine Keepers and Leaf Keepers.
For the safety of the villagers, we are looking for mercenaries who will teach those creatures of Tshira Ruins a lesson."

Use the scroll to start the quest.

Goal: 10,000 kills at Tshira Ruins
Rewards: Contribution EXP 300, Ancient Spirit Dust x250
Available from: Lv. 56

* If you wish to change scrolls, you can exchange them for the "Gerez Mercenary Office Scroll" with Gerez.


  • You cannot reaccept this quest after using the scroll and forfeiting the quest.


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