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(Scroll) Noisy Blood Wolves is an item in Black Desert Online.


"Many villagers in Drieghan are reporting bouts with insomnia due to the noisy howls of the Blood Wolves. One wolf starts to howl, then the other wolves join in unison, making it impossible for one to sleep.
For the sake of the villagers' peaceful slumber, deal with the wolves at Blood Wolf Settlement."

Use the scroll to start the quest.

Goal: 10,000 kills at Blood Wolf Settlement
Rewards: 300 Contribution EXP, Ancient Spirit Dust x250
Level Requirement: From Lv. 58

* If you wish to change scrolls, you can exchange them for the "Gerez Mercenary Office Scroll" with Gerez.


  • You cannot reaccept this quest after using the scroll and forfeiting the quest.


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